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Descendants of Thomas Ingram

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Thomas Ingram was born about 1779 in Tyrone County, Ireland and died 1865 in Chartiers Twp., Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He married Alice (?) who was born about 1780 in Pennsylvania, and died about 1865.

Thomas Ingram and his family immigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania. In 1823 he purchased land in Pennsylvania, part of the Mt. Pleasant Tract of General Hand's Patent, encompassing most of what in now Ingram, PA

The first Ingram home was a stone farmhouse, located near what became the Ingram Car Barn. Later they built a beautiful Victorian home on Prospect Avenue. Another Ingram property was the large square frame house on Ingram Avenue near the Thornburg Bridge.

Thomas and Alice Ingram had ten children:
1. Hannah Ingram was born about 1808, in Tyrone, Ireland and died 23 October 1887, at Ingram Station, Chartiers Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania
2. Nathaniel Ingram was born about 1810, in Tyrone, Ireland and died about 1882.
3. Edward Ingram, b. Abt. 1823, Tyrone, Ireland; d. 24 May 1877, Chartiers Twp., Allegheny County, PA.
4. Elizabeth "Eliza" Ingram was born about 1825 and died 23 December 1879, Chartiers Twp., Allegheny County, PA
5. Ann Jane Ingram, was born in Pennsylvania and died Bet. 1855 - 1863.
6. Alice Hamilton Ingram died after. 1863.
7. Henry Ingram
8. Arthur Ingram
9. James Ingram
10. Thomas Ingram

The third child of Thomas and Alice Ingram, Edward Ingram, was born about1823 in Tyrone, Ireland, and died 24 May 1877 in Chartiers Twp., Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Arthurs in 1853, daughter of William and Rachel Arthurs. She was born about 1825 in Minersville, 13th Ward, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania, and died 09 June 1905 in Ingram, Chartiers Twp., Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Edward Ingram came to America with his father and settled in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in what is now Ingram. He built his home there in 1818. In 1880 he and his son Thomas A. Ingram opened up the land his grandfather had purchased in Chartiers Township for sale.

By 1889 there were about 17 houses in the settlement. The area became for many a refuge from the City of Pittsburgh and prospered with the addition of "Ingram Station", a railroad staion named after the Ingram family. In 1902 the area became incorporated as the Borough of Ingram.