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The Sullivan-Scully Family of Western Pennsylvania

John Sullivan and his younger brother, Denis, left County Cork, Ireland around 1803 for New York. Upon arrival, the brothers, for some unknown reason, added Scully to their name. John Sullivan Scully and Dennis Sullivan Scully, first came to Pittsburgh in 1805. The brothers settled in Pittsburgh after spending some time in Ohio. Both brothers became leaders in Pittsburgh's early industry and their descendants become prominent in local business, politics, and philanthropy.


John Sullivan Scully was born about 1767 in Ireland, and died 1837. He married Mary who was born about 1771 and died 1839.

John Scully immigrated from Ireland and settled in Marrietta, Ohio in 1803, but because of malaria there moved to Chartiers Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in about 1805. There he purchased 350 acres in Chartiers Township from General Hand.

He farmed a piece of land which included a well known mineral spring. A large stone quarry at Scully's Springs furnished the foundations for hundreds of buildings constructed in the area.

John and Mary Scully raised 15 children. His family remained there for several generations. His grandson, John Sullivan Scully II, became president of the Diamond National Bank and his great grandson, Cornelius D. Scully, served as mayor of Pittsburgh from 1938 to 1946.

John Scully served as Justice of the Peace for over 30 years. He was a member of the Episcopal Church.

One of the sons of John Scully, Cornelius Decatar Scully was born 09 December 1817 near the Fall Hole on Chartiers Creek, Pennsylvania, and died 06 October 1896 in Chartiers Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. He married Matilda Duff 28 October 1842, daughter of Samuel and Isabella Duff. She was born about 1823 in Pennsylvania.

Cornelius Scully owned seventy acres of the old Scully homestead, which was in a very high state of cultivation, including twenty acres in choice fruit. He has a fine collection of Indian relics found on the farm.

Mr. Scully served as school director for over thirty years and is one of Chartiers Township's most respected citizens. The first true school building in Ingram, which was in use from 1890 to 1914, was named "Scully School", after him, in appreciation for the donation of the all the stone for the building

Children of Cornelius and Matilda Scully were: John S. Scully, born about 1844, William J. Scully, born about 1846, Samuel D. Scully, who was born about 1849, Bill Scully, born about. 1951, Henry Dennis Scully (see profile below), Almira Scully, born about 1857, Cornelius Scully, Jr, born about 1860, James Scully born about 1860, Louisa Scully born about 1864, Mary Scully who married Amos Petrie, Isabella Scully who married John T. Negley, and Julia Scully

Henry Dennis Scully was born 09 November 1852, in Chartiers, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. He attended public schools including the old Wind Gap School and later attended the Western University of Pennsylvania. He never graduated from Western University but left to complete a course in bookkeeping at Duff's Business College.

His first employment was as a bookkeeper at Nathaniel Holmes' private bank. When the First National Bank was organized he became a clerk there, then was promoted to teller. After a period of time he resigned from the First National bank to enter the insurance field. In the insurance business he opened an office in the Citizen's Bank Building. Mr. Scully represented leading companies and became a respected member of the business community.

He held the thirty-second degree in the Masonic order, and was a member of St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church. He is remembered in the circles he left for the quality of straightforwardness, as an honorable business man and a loyal friend.

Henry Scully died 10 September 1919, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania




Denis Sullivan Scully was born 1782 in Ireland, and died 13 May 1853 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. She was born in 1797, and died 1875.

Denis Scully settled in Pittsburgh and married Ann O'Hara, sister of General James O'Hara, in 1815. . She was born in 1797, and died 1875.

In 1816 Scully and O'Hara opened the Hermitage Furnace, an iron-works in Ligonier, which only remained open for one year. Despite this unsuccessful business venture, Denis Scully worked as a lawyer and continued working with James O'Hara. He helped to manage O'Hara's Pittsburgh glass-works in 1818 and, after the death of James O'Hara in 1819, served as executor to his will.

Denis and Ann O'Hara Scully had six children: William O'Hara Scully, who died 10 February 1891 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. James O'Hara Scully, who was born 1816 and died 12 October 1859 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. In 1851, James O'Hara Scully married Margaret Jackson Townsend, a member of a prominent Beaver County, Pennsylvania family. She was born 1828 and died 12 May 1861 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. John Desmond Scully, Dennis and Ann's second son had a more successful experience in the iron industry than his father. He worked as a partner with James Wood and Company and Knapp, Scully and Company, two Pittsburgh iron mills. John Desmond Scully died 09 January 1898. Also, Kate Desmond Scully, Charles B. Scully, who died 07 April 1874, and. Harmer Denny Scully.